Small Housing Solutions for Vancouver’s Affordability Challenges

“Vancouver can speed up its permitting and approvals systems. It can update zoning regulations to allow smaller homes on smaller, sub-divided lots. It can allow lane way houses and basement units to be sold as well as rented, more condominium micro suites could be allowed. The city can make possible smaller and more affordable three-bedroom condo units by sanctioning interior-walled third bedrooms equipped with transom-style windows”.

Vancouver Sun editorial opinion summarizes a number of recommendations for addressing housing affordability in Vancouver, especially for young people who are giving up on living in the city because of high housing costs.

The YO Home. Engineered small space living.

Clever apartments designed to maximize the use of small spaces Moving parts draw on the wealth of engineering technology taken from fields as diverse as yacht and automotive design, and the mechanics of stage production, allowing the transformation of a 40 square-metre space (the size of a studio or one bedroom apartment) into what feels like a much bigger home.


We’re looking for a research assistant

Small Housing BC is looking for a Research Assistant to assist us with our Natural Capital and Urban Intensification Project.

Research Assistant Position

The Research Assistant will work on a project to identify “small home” development options for densifying three specific single-family neighbourhoods in North Surrey, in ways that are acceptable to existing neighbours while maintaining and enhancing the natural features unique to each area. The work will be done in consultation with planners and environmental specialists at the City of Surrey as well as experts within Small Housing BC.

The details of the position are in the pdf link above.

Please send a cover letter and curriculum vitae to before September 14th, 2015.

In the subject line please put “Research Assistant”.