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Report 1 - Small Houses

Small Housing Toolkit

Small Houses showcases 10 innovative examples of housing under 1500 square feet from around the continent.

We documented recent advances in small house types – from small lot homes to cottage housing – in places where the regulations have been purposefully designed, or substantially reformed, to encourage the development of well-conceived small forms of housing.

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SHBC and SFU’s Urban Studies program have collaborated on several research projects to advance the case for small housing in our region. These two reports examine, respectively, the attitudes of the Neighbourhood and Neighbours toward Infill Housing.


Bringing the Neighbourhood Into Infill

This report provides an overview of the project, key messages, and next steps. It also presents the results of a survey of Metro Vancouver residents on their attitudes toward infill development.

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Bringing the Neighbours Into Infill

This report provides an analysis of case studies of two innovative public engagement processes in Metro Vancouver which resulted in a significant change in residents’ attitudes toward infill housing development in their communities.

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Natural Capital Urban Infill Summary

This summary constructs an argument for the integration of Land Use and Natural Capital as a more complete approach to development through the use of Natural Capital Accounting of Values in a way that could result in both higher acceptance by residents of infill housing projects in their neighbourhoods and in potentially lower housing costs for end users. Building on SHBC’s Small Housing Tool Kit, the findings of this research will help advance our goal of seeing more small housing projects.

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Alternative Tenure Options

This white paper showcases three examples of alternative tenure arrangements that are facilitating uptake of small homes in the Province. It also offers recommendations for how municipalities can facilitate new homeownership options that address the affordability challenges facing the region.

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