Accelerator Program

In November 2021, Small Housing BC launched its Accelerator Program, a cohort-based model for municipalities to explore gentle density and small housing concepts over a 6-month program. The focus of this work was on driving affordability through gentle density. SHBC drew on its experience of collaboration with municipal partners over the last decade, providing technical support and advising on design and implementation strategies for small housing initiatives. Each of the municipal partners brought their own expertise and their unique contextual factors to the discussion.

Alongside technical experts, this group has explored the following topics:

  • Home design and proforma levers;
  • Municipal and financing levers;
  •  Methods for enshrining affordability through market and legal mechanisms;
  • Enhancing affordability through partnerships and various ownership arrangements
  • Policy and regulatory approaches for introducing new gentle density allowances. 

These concepts will be applied in forthcoming initiatives focused on:

  • Calibrating a density bonus to facilitate developer participation in delivering affordability
  • Introducing new typologies with dedicated affordable units: corner lot rowhouses
  • Demonstrating levels of affordability that can be achieved through pre-vetted 3plex and 4plex designs
  • Demonstrating feasibility of heritage conversion-stratification, with backyard infill duplex

Funded by: Real Estate Foundation of BC 

Example of an exercise conducted with municipalities