An Evening with Ross Chapin


Pencil this event into your calendar!

Wednesday, January 23, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Fredric Lasserre Building
6333 Memorial Road
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC

For 15 years, Ross Chapin, FAIA, an architect, land planner and author from Seattle, WA, has pioneered the advocacy of Pocket Neighbourhoods, small-scale settings with a shared commons that foster a sense of community while preserving personal privacy.

He has designed dozens of neighbourhoods across the US and Canada, and has been a development partner on 6 pocket neighbourhoods, several of which have received national housing awards. His book, Pocket Neighbourhoods, was featured in USA Today and the Wall Street Journal, and was on Planetizen’s 2012 Top 10 list of urban planning books.

Ross Chapin will offer a presentation on this topic for professionals and the general public, sharing stories of communities from around the world, their historic precedents, and the key design principles that give them vitality.

Sponsored by The Laboratory of Housing Alternatives and the Small Housing BC Society. 


For more information on Ross Chapin’s work, visit the pocket neighbourhood web site.


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