Missing “Middle Housing”

Missing “Middle Housing” May Be Filled by Tsawwassen, BC Prototype Cottage

Cottage Style Home in Tsawwassen, BCA unique prototype home in Tsawwassen, BC has the potential to provide a new level of affordability for single-family houses creating that “missing middle housing” between a conventional single family home and a townhouse or condominium apartment.

The 1,190 square foot prototype cottage is part of a demonstration of a new arrangement of single-family homes configured as a pocket neighbourhood for Century Group’s Southlands community. Southlands is a new neighbourhood planned for Tsawwassen, BC based on concepts of sustainable design where integrating local food and agriculture is a central focus of community life.

These cottages will cluster around a landscaped common area intentionally designed to foster a strong sense of place through small-scale and intimate private, semi-private and public spaces.

For more information on this prototype cottage, visit Smallworks.ca.
For more information on the Southland’s project, visit Century Group’s Southlands web site.

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