PRESS: Millennial Families Priced Out of Cities

A degree and a job still weren't enough for Oanh Pham and her daughter to find liveable, crime-free housing. Photo David P. Ball.

Yet another piece on the ongoing affordability issues in Vancouver, this time from The Tyee. Some quotes:

A lifelong Winnipegger, 33-year old Oanh Pham feels she’s always walking a “tight line” when it comes to housing, even in a city renowned for its relatively affordable market compared to the rest of the country.

Yet despite her University of Manitoba degree in psychology and business — and years of experience managing volunteers for non-profits overseas and locally — in some months the mother of one earns just $10 too much to qualify for income assistance, but still too little to pay all her bills.

“I’m just not really sure what the barriers even are sometimes,” she said. “I’m in a tight spot because I’m over-qualified for many jobs but I’m under-qualified for others.” For Pham, it’s meant a years-long struggle to find housing that is at once affordable, appropriate and feels safe enough to raise her 16-month old daughter Hannah…..

…..At the most unaffordable end of the spectrum: Vancouver. A report release┬árecently by Vancity Credit Union warned that young families could soon be priced out of the Metro Vancouver housing market altogether. By 2025, only senior business, construction and engineering managers will be able to maintain affordable housing in the region, the credit union predicted.

You can read more here.


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