PRESS: Vancouver millennials need to give up the dream of owning a single family home

piece by Jillian Glover stating her view that the dream of owning a single family home in the city is dead and that compact housing options are the way of the future:

While we read every day about the lack of affordable housing and rise of foreign ownership in Vancouver, family-friendly housing is what the city desperately needs to combat these problems. Property speculators may snap up single family homes and waterfront condos to park their money. But I doubt that they will find a rowhome or a three bedroom apartment off Commercial Drive as appealing.

These are types of homes that people live and raise their families in, because single family homes have become completely unaffordable to those of us who are not developers or offshore investors.

Local developer Bob Rennie is right. The dream of owning a single family home in Vancouver is dead. I urge millennials to get over it. If you want a big home, move to the suburbs.

You can read more here.


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