PRESS: Millennial Families Priced Out of Cities

A degree and a job still weren't enough for Oanh Pham and her daughter to find liveable, crime-free housing. Photo David P. Ball.

Yet another piece on the ongoing affordability issues in Vancouver, this time from The Tyee. Some quotes: A lifelong Winnipegger, 33-year old Oanh Pham feels she’s always walking a “tight line” when it comes to housing, even in a city renowned for its relatively affordable market compared to the rest of the country. Yet despite… Continue reading PRESS: Millennial Families Priced Out of Cities

Missing “Middle Housing”

Missing “Middle Housing” May Be Filled by Tsawwassen, BC Prototype Cottage A unique prototype home in Tsawwassen, BC has the potential to provide a new level of affordability for single-family houses creating that “missing middle housing” between a conventional single family home and a townhouse or condominium apartment. The 1,190 square foot prototype cottage is… Continue reading Missing “Middle Housing”