Missing “Middle Housing”

Missing “Middle Housing” May Be Filled by Tsawwassen, BC Prototype Cottage A unique prototype home in Tsawwassen, BC has the potential to provide a new level of affordability for single-family houses creating that “missing middle housing” between a conventional single family home and a townhouse or condominium apartment. The 1,190 square foot prototype cottage is… Continue reading Missing “Middle Housing”

Affordable Comfort Plus Connection

The small-home in a pocket neighbourhood philosophy, a la Ross Chapin, has attracted big interest in the past and continues to do so. “Livability and sustainability – not to mention affordability – are key words in the Vancouver region right now as cities struggle to balance a need to accommodate an estimated one million more… Continue reading Affordable Comfort Plus Connection

An Evening with Ross Chapin

Pencil this event into your calendar! Wednesday, January 23, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. Fredric Lasserre Building 6333 Memorial Road University of British Columbia Vancouver, BC For 15 years, Ross Chapin, FAIA, an architect, land planner and author from Seattle, WA, has pioneered the advocacy of Pocket Neighbourhoods, small-scale settings with a shared commons that foster a sense… Continue reading An Evening with Ross Chapin

Small Solution to Pricey Real Estate

Having a home that meets your needs but doesn’t consume all of your resources is a way to step back and enjoy life more. “It’s a small space but, for us, that’s a benefit,” says Schatz. “We think more about what we bring in, we spend more time outside.” This young couple, who recently became… Continue reading Small Solution to Pricey Real Estate