Tiny Home Co-Housing British Columbia

Hot-off-the-press, Tiny Home Co-Housing British Columbia is an organization out of Vancouver that just started a Meetup blog two weeks ago. They are having an upcoming launch event on August 18th – the place has yet to be determined. Here is a write-up of who they are:

The first active group Working Towards tiny homes co-housing. The goal is to gather like minded individuals, all with a skill sets from engineering to gardening, who truly are interested in building their own tiny home in the next 5 years – by 2020. The land will be owned by the co-housing, will be made up of the tiny home owners, living in a community that is sustainable, self-supported and willing to share with other communities successes of the tiny home living.

Exciting times for those interested in both tiny homes and co-housing!

You can read more here.


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