Understanding the Potential of Small Scale Community Led Housing Report

An interesting report written by Jo Gooding and Tom Johnston called Understanding the Potential of Small Scale Community Led Housing and released earlier this year examines the community led housing and highlights good examples of how these are socially sustainable forms of development:

“Housing – and the provision of housing – is a key issue facing the nation. There is nothing new about community led housing; Almshouses, Housing Co-operatives and charitable trusts have been delivering housing that meets local needs for many years. Community ownership has the potential to empower communities and to deliver projects that people care about, and that support the wider regeneration of an area. The objective of this report is to examine the community led housing sector and to draw out examples of how community led housing projects operate as sustainable forms of social and community enterprise. It is hoped that, by presenting this evidence, other new community housing projects, and their enabling partners, will have the confidence to deliver new community led housing solutions tailored to their own communities.”

Well worth the read.


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