PRESS: Where are the Kids? – Five-part Series

I recently republished a five-part series – called Where are the Kids? – on the distribution of families with children in Vancouver, based on 2006 census information. I originally wrote it for Re:place Magazine, in 2009, prior to switching it over to Spacing Vancouver. Since we recently closed Re:place, I wanted to republish it on Spacing Vancouver for archival purposes. Given that the statistics largely remain the same today as it when the pieces were originally published, I think it is equally relevant now.

Like many of the articles I write, I created custom maps and graphics that visualize the information and highlight some of the patterns that are evident. Of particular relevance here is the pattern that sees the least number of families with children in locations with high- and mid-rise house types. To me this is a clear indication of the need for a wider diversity of house types – small, affordable homes, in particular.

Regardless, here is a link to the first part – from which you can access the rest.




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